The Machines’ power in the Binary Code is probably the best kept secret of our time. Let’s expose and dissect the reason why the computer was programmed with the one…

Binary Code And The Power Of The ‘Machine’

Binary Code And The Power Of The ‘Machine’

The Machines’ power in the Binary Code is probably the best kept secret of our time. Let’s expose and dissect the reason why the computer was programmed with the one and the zero.

The binary code of ones and zeros that we are familiar with from The Matrix film, holds a deeper meaning than we would have ever thought.

The plot of the film is about an unreal, holographic, world wherein there are millions of slaves, performing a role in the society, such as doctors, teachers, lawyers, politicians etc.

They all carry on, fueling the very system that enslaves them, yet they are unaware of the truth because their “minds” are essentially still plugged into what is called the “machine.”

The Machine is what generates the matrix via Binary Code through the mind, and we see the cause and effect of As Within So Without.

Even in our everyday (virtual) reality, computers are also programmed by Binary Code: 1 and 0.

The Binary Code

1 and 0 are two very outstanding numbers within our reality.

In esoteric literature we can easily ascertain that 0 (zero) resembles nothing and 1 (one) resembles something. From Nothing to Something is an adequate axiom of what has occurred to us spiritually, with the result for most being stuck in something and unable to access nothing again (which, paradoxically, is in fact everything).

Everything is beyond something, it cannot be in something because it is the catalyst for something and is all of that something at the same time.

Our limited minds simply cannot fathom our true eternal nature. You are both 1 and (0).

So now begs the question, why was the computer programmed with these two highly influential numbers? Let’s take a deeper look.

We know that in the beginning there was the “word”. We know that words and numbers are the same, which has been proven by numerology and, of course, the computer which can process numbers into infinite amounts of words.

If one doubts the interconnection between words and numbers, one must just conscientize that the letter “O” and the number (0) are exactly the same symbol.

The symbol (O) can be seen as the pin code between numbers and words. This is why it appears in both.

The AI Mainframe inputs code into your mind/machine, which translates to your language, most languages were in fact created to program the mind with code that resonates with the binary code emissions from the Artificial Mainframe Construct. Once the language is embedded within consciousness, Information technology can affect and steer a mind programmed with a host of opposites which we find within the major languages. Literally from the words, manifests your matrix out of your thoughts.

Words are the origin of duality and opposition for power due to the “word” which justifies the existence of separate entities that all give consciousness to their identities made up of the word.


Furthermore, in Western numerology the word ZERO equals (Z = 26) + (E = 5) + (R = 18) + (0 = 15) = 64.

The digital root of 64 is (6+4) = 10. In numerology the word zero states that 1 and (O) are both the same, as 1 can only be 1 because of number (O). Why has nobody asked the golden question: “Why isn’t (O)controlling the reality that (1) is experiencing?” There is ultimately only 1 soul-center/whole.

The language is there to make you submit to 1 and build your artificial matrix from the inception point, the first floor, connection to groundfloor thwarted. The language works on the sub-conscious mind through the connection it has with the numbers.

ZION also equals 64. Z (26) + I (9) + O (15) + N (14) = 64. 

YHWH, the name of god in Judaism, Y = 25, H = 8, W = 23, H = 8 all together also equals 64.

Why do these two highly influential words in Judaism resemble 10 and ultimately 1 and O in numerology? Is it part of the code that states that this is “everything”, this is “God”? This is control? The very word.

If ZION has been controlling the course of the whole, then zero and one together, mischievously, has done too, as zero is the binary code embedded in the language which controls existence as we know it.

Numerology dates back well over 10,000 years. In Chaldea, all areas of life were inseparably linked with Numerology, the science of numbers. Not only at a mathematical level, but metaphysical as well.

Numbers are the relation between God and man. God has the upperhand because man has been consumed and divided by the numbers and does not know how to put two and two together to release himself from the spell of words and numbers.

“The numeric system known as “Roman Numerals”, the writing style of “Old English”, as well as the languages of “Italian”, “Latin”, “Romanian” and “Romansh” were evidently created hide the Roman Score and disguise the fact that English was the language of Roman Empire. In a calculated attempt to confuse historians and mathematician’s alike, the Roman Score was divided into a set of 10 numbers (i.e., 0-9) and 26 letters, commonly known as the English alphabet (i.e., A-Z). Of the 20 symbols found in the Roman Score, only 10 of them are evident today in the modern Roman-English alphabet (e.g., “H”, “I”, “M”, “O”, “S”, “T”, “X”, and “Z”) which now contains 16 new letters (e.g., “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, “E”, “F”, “G”, “J”, “K”, “L”, “N”, “P”, “Q”, “R”, “U”, “Y”, and “Z”). Since letters were added to the Roman alphabet at a later date, they were given the name “letter” as in “later”. Aside from scrambling the Roman Code, the creation of 6 additional letters allows for the creation of potentially millions of new words.

Millions of more words also means millions of new spells.


1. (0) “O” = “O” — \ˈō\
2. (1) “I” = “I” — \ˈī\ \ˈā\, \ˈē\
3. (2) “V” = “B” — \ˈbē\
4. (3) “Ʌ” = “C/K” — \ˈkā\, \ˈk\
5. (4) “+” = “D” — \ˈdē\
6. (5) “Ж” = “CH” — \ˈch\
7. (6) “ǂ” = “F” — \ˈfī\, \ˈef\
8. (7) “⅃” = “L” — \ˈel\
9. (8) “π” = “P” — \ˈp\,
10. (9) “Γ” = “R” — \ˈär\


20. (19) “Z” = “Z” — \ˈzē\
19. (18) “T” = “T” — \ˈtē\
18. (17) “S” = “S” — \ˈes\ \ˈsē\
17. (16) “#” = “SH” — \ˈ /ʃ/ \
16. (15) “Ω” = “YU” — \ˈjˈü\
15. (14) “X” = “N” — \ˈen\, \ˈne\
14. (13) “M” = “M” — \ˈem\
13. (12) “W” = “V” — \ˈvē\, \ˈw\
12. (11) “H” = “H” — \ˈh\
11. (10) “Ф” = “G” — \ˈjē\, \ˈg\

1. (0) “O” = “O” — \ˈō\
The “O” symbol is the 1st number/letter in in the Roman Score (i.e., the Roman alphabet) and the 15th letter in the modern English alphabet. Mathematically speaking, the “O” symbol has a numeric value of “0” (zero) in the Roman Score while the letter “O” has a numeric value of “15” in the English alphabet. The symbol “O”, which was likely derived from the Wheel of Fortuna, tends to double as a “0” (zero) and makes up Binary code along with the symbol “I”. The letter “O” is evidently an acronym for both “zero” (nothing) and “sum all” (everything).

From the above text we can ascertain that the first letter of the first roman alphabet was (“O”), and that the zero was embraced as the first numeral out of which all the rest came — the foundation.

Everything comes out of one soul-center and here we see that the Romans knew this in ancient time and realized that they could manipulate people to gain power over them later on, by changing the construct of the language into the favor of a malefic agenda.

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Reference: The Roman Score

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