You experience life through the myriad forms appearing to you, one after the next, in constant and continual, never-ending succession. You take these forms to be the verifiable stuff of…

Forms, Dancing In The Formless

Forms, Dancing In The Formless

You experience life through the myriad forms appearing to you, one after the next, in constant and continual, never-ending succession. You take these forms to be the verifiable stuff of reality. Whatever you see, sense, and feel, you assume to be real.

But, what is the truth of this experience?

And, to whom are these sensations of changing, shifting, and disappearing forms appearing?

A form is an appearance within awareness that becomes cognized, regardless of whether it’s mind or matter. It could be a thought form such as an opinion, memory, concept, or belief, or it could be a sense perception of something physical in the world, either outside the body, or within.

You see this world of forms coming and going before you, and you become lost in how they appear. You become hypnotized by their dance, and you forget the formless presence in which they appear. You become enamoured by their beauty, bored by their plainness, and repulsed by their horror. You become addicted to the pleasure of how things look, clinging to that which you love while resisting what you detest.

When you attempt to define yourself by the gross (the world of forms), rather than the subtle (empty awareness), happiness becomes limited by the mind’s falsely created self-identity. When you overlook your true self of Awareness, the mind defines itself by its egoic impressions of the world, which creates the illusory self-concept called, “me”.

The mind’s image of itself (me) is always relative to the world it’s perceiving—which is the dance of false appearances—forms which have no independent reality of their own.

When you overlook the inherent emptiness of things, the contents of the mind appear to become a reality.

The world then becomes falsely personal, dominated by the ego’s subjective perceptions, sensations, thoughts, and beliefs, which it affixes to all people, places, and things.

And this is what it means to be asleep within the egoic dream—being ignorant to the absolute reality, which is the undeniable and unchanging impersonal presence of awareness.

Forms are nothing without you; you lend your invisible reality to all seeming things. The illusory world of form cannot be trusted. It is not real—only you, awareness, are real. No longer ignore your subtle emptiness that is your ever-present formless presence.

Something only seems to exist because of the nothingness in which it arises. It is the unknown, alone, that reveals the known. The form reveals the formless; the formless reveals the form. You cannot perceive fullness without emptiness.

This is the paradox of Truth—whenever you focus solely on forms, you ignore the formless. And when you focus only on the formless, you ignore the forms.

So, where shall one place their conscious attention?

If you only pay attention to that which is evident, then you will miss the hidden truth. And, what is this underlying truth that is apparently being obscured by all forms? Your Self. The answer is you! You lose your Self whenever the mind believes the world of appearances is the reality.

Focus on that which is always ever-present and unchanging—which is, your spontaneous selfless presence, here and now. Know your Self as the silence of pure awareness in which all forms appear. In truth, all things are empty, and the emptiness of all things is nothing but pure consciousness, and this consciousness is your Self.

Yes, you too are empty! You are the invisible nothingness that is the very space in which all forms appear. You are the space that permeates all that is.

Neither cling to or reject anything. Allow all things to arise and appear as they may. Observe the world, but always know your Self. Be curious, yet detached, remaining aware of awareness as the underlying truth that is the absolute reality.

No longer react to how anything appears to be.

No longer become lost within the false appearances of the mind and the dancing forms it perceives.

You are beyond the suffering the mind creates.

As Presence, you alone are Truth, free of delusion. It is your emptiness that gives everything its fullness.

You, the imperceivable, are, in fact, the perceived.

by Brian Thompson 

Dylan Harper

Dylan is a 32-year-old surfer from California. He traveled the world, rode the waves and learned the universal concept of oneness. He is a vegan for over a decade and, literally, wouldn't hurt a fly. He was reunited with his twin soul in Greece, where they got married and settled... for now. Dylan is a staff writer for and teaches surfing to children.

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